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Issues getting MAME to work with Hyperspin

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Hey guys I'm fairly new to the MAME stuff (though I have experience with ROMS/Emulators), so bear with me. I downloaded Hyperspin and I'm trying to test it out on my PC. I have a MAME32 which runs fine on its own, but when I try to run it via Hyperspin it says it isn't supported. I also have MAME64, which I can't get my roms to work on, but seems to be recognized by Hyperspin. But Hyperspin also gives me the error that some files for the ROM appear to be missing when I try to play it with linked MAME64.

How do I get this thing working? Does anyone know a better MAME to be using?

Thanks a bunch guys!

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I had this problem with xbmc (media center) and mame32. You should try setting the mame.ini (the ini file can be created by running the command prompt and executing "mame.exe -cc" in the main folder)

folder when launching Mame. My cmd line for that is : Mame.exe -inipath yourmamefolder "rom.zip"

Maybe this site helps: http://www.gwenael.org/xbmc/index.php?title=MAME_-_Windows

I think the settings are basically the same for all frontends.

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