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Help with AutoHotKey

Guest icebergslim3000

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Guest icebergslim3000

I'd like to set up the Fusion emulator to exit when I hit one of the buttons on my controllers. I'd don't know what settings I need to change in the ahk file. Here is what it shows.


Hotkey, %exitEmulatorKey%, CloseProcess

Run, %Executable% "%romPath%%romName%%romExtension%" -auto -gen -fullscreen, %EmuPath%, Hide UseErrorLevel

Process, WaitClose, fusion.exe

Say for instance I want to use Joy12 as the button to use, where do I add that to this script.

I would also like to hide the cursor when starting Nestopia the current language in the ahk file is

Gui, Color, 000000

Gui -Caption +ToolWindow +AlwaysOnTop

Gui, Show, W%A_ScreenWidth% H%A_ScreenHeight%, BlackGui

Hotkey, %exitEmulatorKey%, CloseProcess

Run, %executable% "%romPath%%romName%%romExtension%", %emuPath%, UseErrorLevel

Sleep, 2000

Gui, destroy

Process, waitClose, %executable%


What do I add/remove to hide the cursor.

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; Nintendo Entertainment System

; Nestopia 1.39

; by djvj & BBB

; 1.3


; Notes:

; Since the exit emulator key does nothing you should setup an escape key within the emulator using the input options, the default is alt+x, so change

; to esc. But since esc is the default key to bring up the fullscreen menu then you should change that to something else such as Alt+M. The exit emulator menu

; key is disabled to allow for game saving etc...

; <exit>Esc</exit>

; <toggle-menu>Alt+M</toggle-menu>

; Set these keys below


Fullscreen = true

BlackMenu = true ; Make Nestopia's menu black so it looks better fullscreen

ExitKey = (Joy 0) 6 ; Set Nestopia's Exit key here

ToggleMenuKey = Alt+M ; Set Nestopia's Toggle Menu key here. Make sure this is not the same as your exit key


settingsFile := CheckFile(emuPath . "nestopia.xml")


xpath_load(emuXML, settingsFile ) ; need to read the existing xml otherwise xpath deletes all existing nodes

xpath(emuXML, "/configuration/preferences/application/confirm-exit/text()", "no") ; turning off confirmation on exit

xpath(emuXML, "/configuration/input/keys/file/exit/text()", ExitKey) ; setting exit key

xpath(emuXML, "/configuration/input/keys/view/ToggleMenuKey/text()", ToggleMenuKey) ; setting toggle menu key

; Black Menu

If ( BlackMenu = "true" ) {

xpath(emuXML, "/configuration/preferences/appearance/menu-fullscreen/custom-color/text()", "0x00000000") ; black

xpath(emuXML, "/configuration/preferences/appearance/menu-fullscreen/use-custom-color/text()", "yes") ; turning on custom colors

} Else

xpath(emuXML, "/configuration/preferences/appearance/menu-fullscreen/use-custom-color/text()", "no") ; turning off custom colors

; Enable Fullscreen

If ( Fullscreen = "true" )

xpath(emuXML, "/configuration/preferences/application/start-fullscreen/text()", "yes")

module i use...

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