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Doujin Fighting Games (PC) custom 3D Boxart


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Doujin Fighting Games (PC) custom 3D Boxart

A Collection of 21 3D Boxes, I made for my Fighting Games! I like my Boxart as clean, as possible, so there is no additional system/platform logo on these! Thought I share them here, as there's not much Boxart for Doujin games out there. I will update this Collection on a regular basis!328331782_DongDongneverDie.png.2e3ec61e4f30762b27b06f4c5ed48e9c.png642656922_CrimsonAlive.png.4843a2dd5f3776448e15bce6cb8c5f20.png1846001088_FateSwordDance.png.597f72613974dcd43ffc8ee3c65f9f06.png1965884372_FightofAnimals.png.89008e20161c2eff90ff93f142207a7d.png

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