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Where to find HR images of the different platforms


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Hello I have been looking in the downloads section trying to find a pack of HR image cutouts with of the different platforms but I couldnt find any.
I wonder if I have been looking in the wrong section or I have doing something wrong.

I could find a couple of nicely done packs in the Lunchbox forums with  a good selection of assets but the resolution is about  700px and it would be great if I could find something at a higher resolution and with more variety in the views the assets are shown.

I am happy to prepare the images myself and upload them so the community can use them but I haven't found many resources on good quality by just google it or in the most popular stock images sites.
Any recommendations or websites I could use to get those images would be appreciate it.

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Answering my own question.

By chance I got with a project that probably many people around here might already know, The Vanamo Museum by Evan-Amos where we can find high resolution images for pretty much all the systems for free use.
I think the original campaign in kickstarter shows also front and top views that are not available in The Vanamo Museum now for some reason. It would be great if someone knows how to get them.

I will start cleaning them and preparing a pack. I will keep you posted.

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