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Having Trouble locating some clear logos for Mega Drive Japan / Europe - any auto scrapers?


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Hey, All...

I have scraped tens of thousands of game images over the past decade, and I have never really had a problem. I am currently trying to add logo (wheel) art for my Sega Mega Drive games from Japan and Europe.  I like to keep the American releases under GENESIS, and I have that complete logo collection already.

For some reason, I am still missing a good chunk of many of the MD logos.  I have attached a screenshot of some of the missing games, Contra - The Hard Corps (Japan) is one of them, for example.

I found a few MD logo collections here on EM, but many are still missing.  Are there any new scrapers in 2021 that may be of assistance?


Thanks a ton in advance!

mega drive japoam.PNG

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