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  1. All systems. I can scrape each rom manually and LB finds the video right away, but whenever I do bulk, through LB, it will not work.
  2. *update* it seems that I'm having the exact same issue as the people in this thread: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/40506-issues-with-scraper-retrieving-video-media/ Single scrapes work perfectly, but if I do bulk scrapes, the videos will not download. Hey, All, I am a lifetime member of BigBox as well as a Lifetime Member of EmuMovies - so my resources are definitely in place. I have EM synched with LB, so that's not the issue. I have about 700-ish SNES ROMS installed and all of the artwork and logos and everything works perfectly, however - and i had about 150 video snaps already installed. When i manually tell it to sync videos fore ALL of the SNES games, it just seems to keep the same 150 videos. I just tried to grab the videos using EmuMovies Sync tool, and that is grabbing all 700 just fine. I know i can drag those over, but I was hoping that the BigBox/LB sync feature would work via the LB program. I'm using the Unified Refried theme... / Perhaps there are paths crossed somewhere.... Any thoughts on where to start poking around? Thanks!!
  3. Hey, All... After all of the different, custom wheels out there for systems and roms, I always end up going back to the stock, transparent game/rom logo look. That being the case, I'm able to find the game logos for the roms themselves, but that's leaving my main systems wheel neglected. I'm having trouble finding a wheelset of the systems and consoles that is just the system logo with a transparent background. Does such a pack exist? I've attached an example of what I mean... Thanks!
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