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Amstrad CPC 464 Real 3D Box Art Project


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Amstrad CPC 464 Real 3D Box Art Project

Amstrad CPC Real 3D Box Art Project.

There are a few sources of 3D box art out there for the CPC464, though none that are as high resolution, realistic looking and true to the original as I wanted. In the absence of support for true 3D rotatable models, I decided to make this set.

This set uses a real cassette template in Photoshop into which the front covers and spines are inserted. English versions used where available, though foreign games are covered too.

Most 3D boxes are a "single" cassette box, though there are also double cassette boxes, disk boxes and cardboard boxes. I try and make the box art true to the original. Cassette boxes are prioritised where available. There are a very small number of games that came in boxes of anomalous sizes - I have tended to use the cardboard box template for these.

The single cassette box template is of superior quality to the double and disk box templates - if anyone can find the latter 2 in higher quality, let me know, though I'm relatively happy with the ones I have.

For freeware/PD/etc games, I am making "blank" cassette templates with the game name stuck to the front and spine of the cassette insert as an embossed label strip (like you could make with those old machines).

The rom set used is the Gamebase CPC set, which contains 3299 games.

New packs will be added here, so click follow to get updates. Any errors or missing games let me know!



19 Aug 2021: Pack added (A)

24 Aug 2021: Packs # and A being reworked: double cassette case will have the feint background removed, and 3D boxes for cardboard box games will be added

27 Aug 2021: Freeware/PD/etc games will have a 3D box made - using a blank cassette insert template with the game name printed on an embossed label and stuck to the front and spine

28 Aug 2021: Packs # (75 covers) and A (242 covers) have been updated to fix the translucent background issue for double cassette and disk cases, and PD/freeware 3D boxes have been added

10 Sep 2021: Packs added (B - 219 covers)

6 Nov 2021: Packs added (C - 249 covers)

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