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Two Newb-ish Questions

Mark Ronz

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1. What is the difference between System Intros and Video Snaps? I've always used Video Snaps, but just happened to notice there were System Intros on the FTP. Whats up with that?

2. Where can I find the Atari 2600 snaps on the FTP? I looked in /Official - Artwork/Console Collections and there are other snap zips in there, but there isn't one for Atari 2600?


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Actually never mind about the System Intros part of my question. I downloaded one and now it is apparent what it is. Sorry about that. For some reason I thought it was a much larger size zip, so I didn't want to download them without knowing what they were. But it wasn't that big after all.

Anyway, still wondering about the Atari 2600 snaps though. Thanks!

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OK, one last update. There are now three things that I cannot find on the FTP. However when I look in the Download Service Utility, they are listed there. I was hoping to grab the whole collection, so thats why I'd rather use the FTP than the DSU. The three things I can't find on the FTP are:

Atari 2600 Snaps

Sega Genesis Advert

Sega Genesis Cart

If anyone know what's up with that, please let me know. Or if it's there, and I'm just not seeing it somehow, please let me know that too!

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