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Bravely Default Flying Fairy Album: Disc 2


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Bravely Default Flying Fairy Album: Disc 2

JPG is scanned at 300 dpi. MP3 files are ripped straight from official cd at 320 kbps through WMP. 


I'm not dead, but I'm not going to come back just yet. I have a lot of manuals to scan, over 100, but you can look forward to some really valuable manuals I've gotten my hands on, no spoilers... R.E.G.

Maybe I could do a DIY system, where I submit scanned JPGs and volunteers who care crop them and edit them into a digital manual? It would make these faster maybe? I don't know.

Don't expect regular submissions. If someone messages me "hello" or something, I'll post the Bravely Second album that very day. Never heard from anyone my whole time here, 'cept the admin.


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