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Sega Mega Drive Carts (Japan)


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Sega Mega Drive Carts (Japan)

This is a complete Japanese Mega Drive set of carts, including those released outside Japan, SegaRetro was used as a base and every game, even software checked and a clean database was created, I'm including two databases, one that has all entries, including the software releases, the other without them.

This is a team work between @Robin55 and me, we aimed separate regions and we're getting there, USA, Europe and Japan now complete.

OBS.:No-Intro's naming isn't 100% accurate so many fixes were made during the database build up, for instance, "Contra: The Hardcorps (Japan)" is wrong since what's written in Katakana is "Contra: The Hardcore", anyone that'd like to make sure, just check SegaRetro for more info about the game names.

Get logos here:


Sega Mega Drive (Japan) (Includes Software).xml Sega Mega Drive (Japan) (Games Only).xml

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    No-Intro (partially, with fixes and (Japan) tag only).
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