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Hello Circo,

Is there a place somewhere that has a master list of what is needed to fill in the "holes"?  Why I'm asking is I've made a lot of clear logos for MAME and other platforms I'd like to share.  They are sorta scattered around on my HD so I didn't want to upload ones that are already done.  I've made many that were already available (stupid me).  Thank you for making me a contributor and giving me full access.  I already had a lifetime membership under another name. :)

Off topic. I'm sorry about your accident.  I don't come around often as real life is kicking my you-know-what.  I hope you are making a full recovery or preferably fully recovered by now. :)

I'd like to add other things to the FTP.   Missing snapshots, videos if I can figure out how to do them lol, etc.  I have other ideas I will PM you about if you'd like.

Not sure why tried to post already and didn't see it.  Delete the first if it is a duplicate



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