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Batch Encoder

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Okay I'm releasing a tool collection to encode AVS scripts created by my AviSynth Script Generator.

Now this is a very basic batch operation as it will currently only process one system...I'll likely make future changes where one can queue up more than one system to be processed.

Now there are three options currently CandyFace, Circo, Nologic...all result in about the same imagine quality, the difference mainly is in speed to encode & resulting file size...and well as they are listed prior...is fastest to slowest, and biggest to smallest.

Now all of these run in the background out of site, but they are going to eat up CPU time...so your system will be sluggish...and you'll notice a little "A" icon in the system tray...this denotes the script is running in the background. Once the script has ran it's course it will display a dialog to inform you.

Please be sure your PC is well ventilated & clear of dust bunnies...as batch encoding puts a prolonged stressed load on your system. No these scripts will not remotely cause your system to fail if it's fairly well maintained. This is simply an FYI so that folks are aware...as this is not like running NotePad. :P

Okay to the heart of the matter it's assumed that you'll have the system AVS files in a parent folder with sub folders for the generated scripts:

.\NES\_AVS Circo Flipped\

.\NES\_AVS Circo Flipped WaterMark\

.\NES\_AVS Circo Standard\

.\NES\_AVS Circo Standard WaterMark\

Now if your lossless encodes are TSCC then please delete the sub folders with "Standard" in the name as you will not be needing them. If they are not TSCC then please delete the "Flipped" ones as they will not be needed.

Now it is hoped that folks will encode WaterMark sets with the EmuMovies logo to help promote the site and aid in paying for freebie assets provided to the community at large. So if you can spare the cycles on your CPU please pitch in it would a be a big help. :)

Anyways this is simple enough to use...fire up one of the Batch Encode EXE's and select the parent folder to the AVS files...then in the next dialog select where you want the resulting encodes to be put.

These will first create an MP4 container than stream copy the audio and video over to an FLV...it is certainly hoped that you'll find it in your heart to upload both the MP4 & FLV files. However if you are bandwidth limited uploading one set is fine...just notify Circo or myself and we'll perform the stream copy and upload the matching set.

By the way thank you one and all for taking part in this endeavor to help make the community a much more enjoyable place. :)

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Okay updated and added DivX264 encoder batch...not sure how this is going to turn out...since I don't have any source files on hand. I have it set to what I think are comparable values to what I'm using in my batch.

If the file sizes are to large with it increase the number behind -qf as it uses a scale like x264 where Zero is the best possible quality...and 50 is the worst.

If the file sizes are fine to small...but your system is dragging ass...decrease the value behind -aqo.

Now I'm not sure if I got everything for DivX264...which all I found is the EXE...which is very very small...so if that is all there is to it...dang they must have coded it in Assembly...cause it's tiny.

For those that are blessed with i7's or hell anything with a shoot ton of cores...you may want to seriously give the DivX264 encoder a try as it's suppose to keep them all busy and be very quick compared to other CPU bound encoders.

Next up I may give MainConcept Reference a go...for some GPU loving.

I'm up for other suggestions far as h264 encoders go...with the limitations of it ether having a command line...or being strictly WinForms based application...I have no interest in banging on a WPF or other skinning GUI.

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