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No-Intro Sets and Translations


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I was just wondering if anyone uses Translated ROMs with the No-Intro sets, and if so, how they do it?

In the past, I've used modified Goodsets [removing all the bad/overdump/hacked/etc ROMs] and other than a few minor naming errors, it has worked really well. I've got every region, version, and English translation of a game neatly packed into a single goodmerged archive. Unfortunately, those sets aren't really updated anymore. Everyone seems to have migrated to No-Intro sets, so any box-art/snaps/titles and movies[!] need to be renamed before I can use them. Likewise, I can't make useful contributions if I'm not using the defacto naming system.

I would have no problem switching over to No-Intro, were it not for the lack of translation support. So I'm just curious what everyone else does...

Softpatching? Manually adding them after-the-fact?

Thanks in advance!

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I have a load of translations and hacks in No-Intro format. You can get them from the same places you'd usually find those sort of things. Also you can patch the normal No-Intro roms. Check out romhacking.net.

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Thanks Garwil.

Getting and patching the ROMs isn't really an issue, I'm mostly just concerned with organization.

Take Final Fantasy IV for instance. I don't have the merged set infront of me, but there should be a ROM for FF2, FF4j, FF4jEasyType, and probably a couple of different revisions of each. It would be nice if I could keep a translated version of FF4j in the same No-Intro archive. I could manually edit the DAT and recompress everything, but the upkeep on that would be huge. A person on the no-intro forum tried to put together an English Translation DAT, but that got swatted down very quickly. A few emulators support on-the-fly ips patching, but not enough of them to make it a good solution across the board.

Perhaps the best solution is just to maintain a separate sub folder for translated ROMs, and keep the no-intro sets "pure"?

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