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  1. Ashley Graham was in Resident Evil. Not the model. BTW, the model has great knockers! I would!
  2. is sporting an awesome moustache for Movember!

    1. Circo


      haha you should add a profile pic holding a sign that says...well you know ;)

    2. garwil


      It's more Fu Manchu than Pedro lol

  3. The new theme looks great but is slow as fudge! I'll be sticking with the Light theme for now!
  4. Thank you so much, that's completed my SNES set in HS! Woot!
  5. Thanks so much for doing these, it's really appreciated and the quality is great! I know this is REALLY cheeky, but is there any chance you could do Starfox 2 as well? I meant to ask in my last post but forgot!
  6. That's awesome dude, any chance of doing Super Fire Pro Wrestling X, Metal Max Returns and Der Langrisser? Thanks!
  7. can't wait to finish his degree in a week's time!

  8. It's a cool feature but they're bloody huge and not much to look at. Great idea though!
  9. I believe it's the same for the SNES and Genesis ones too. I'd love to see these done!
  10. I have a load of translations and hacks in No-Intro format. You can get them from the same places you'd usually find those sort of things. Also you can patch the normal No-Intro roms. Check out romhacking.net.
  11. Yeah come on Circo, pull your finger out!
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