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Nintendo DS AVI HiQ


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I have uploaded some sample of some NDS videos.

I would like to know if they are ok for the sets

I have access to almost all the NDS games and I would like to participate in the emumovie project

The videos are on the FTP at

/Work in Progress - These Folders Will Be Cleaned as Sets Are Finalized/Nintendo DS (stephaneboulet)

If somebody is interested, I would like this to be a joined effort to make the 4600s videos the fastest as possible :D

1. I use NDScrc to rename my roms (and avi)

2. I use DeSmuME with the function Capture AVI to capture the movie (without compression)

3. I use Anyvideo converter to compress the resulting avi to xvid 2000kbps 256x384 60fps mp3 128k stereo

4. I upload them to the ftp.

Here is a sample on youtube. (I think the quality will be less than with the original avi (xvid), but its a sample to show you, and at the same time, asking if its alright.

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Excellent. I did some tests a while back and didn't get favorable results. I had many games were the frame rate dropped dramatically so I never did more than 10 games. Of course, my PC is not that good to begin with. Can't emulate most of them properly, and when capturing, even worse, so I won't be able to help on this quest, yet... Hopefully you can get some help here from others. I would love to see more of these and I'm sure many others as well. Good job!

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did you ever get to doing more of these? the youtube one you posted looks great!

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