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MAME Bezels 152 Files (letter M)


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MAME Bezels 152 Files (letter M)

Hi all,

These are my Mame Bezel Art files which include a "Lay" file (so can be dumped straight into the Mame artwork folder once you unzip the main folder. These files will be ideal for use direct into Mame and on a tv with 16:9 view.

Contains 152 files (letter M) of bezel arts from the internet, oh plus some of my own. I've cloned into two different glass views. I've opted for the "Real Frame Clear" and "Real Frame Glass" effect and just done left and right sides rather than all round as that would just take way too long and also I found a lot of the bezels found on the internet just take up too much of the screen and to compensate this you have to change the screen size. (the art1 files included are just the originals taken from the internet).

Both mame formats 4:3 Horizontal and 3:4 Vertical have been done. Once placed in the Mame Artwork folder start a game and Tab to Video Options pick which one you prefer "Clear" or "glass" and then you have to make a slight adjustement within the "Slider" tab for both Screen Horizontal and Screen Vertical (usually around .966 for both)

The games are taken from the rom set that I currently have so title names may slightly differ from the ones you have. (i'm happy to email anyone my Excel file with all the game names vs rom names, if needed) 

For the games that I could not find any artwork at all for, I've setup a few standard looking sets  (6 Horizontal and 6 Vertical) which gives a view as if your in an actual arcade.  

****Any comments or feedback would be much appreciated people*****



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Many thanks for these collections. They contain a lot of bezels, and with a little tweaking work great on Arcade 0.229. Also some art I have never seen before, even though none official, look awesome :)
Just taking me a week to download em lol

Also thanks for the simple format LAY files, these make fixing the co-ordinates a lot simpler :)

One note however : Most are missing ART1.PNG

Just copy a screen pic and rename it Art1.png to fix (Else you'll have white diagonal lines across screen in MAME/Arcade
OR Remove the ART1 lines from the LAY file :)
Def worth downloading if you like bezels

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