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Where to Find Famicom 2D Cartridge Artwork?


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I see that EmuMovies doesn't yet have an official pack of artwork for the Nintendo Famicom.  All of the artwork on the FTP server is for the US/NES only.  I was able to find some box art on the website, but I am unable to find any artwork for the Japanese cartridges.

I know that these must exist here somewhere, because I have some that were downloaded from here through LaunchBox.

If someone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it!

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8 hours ago, gimmievids88 said:

I'm wondering how the artwork is different?  Isn't it copied between the US and Japanese versions?

The Japanese Famicom cartridges are about half the size of their US counterparts, come in a variety of colors, and have different labels for the multi-region releases, so they are quite different.

However, I believe I have figured out the answer.  I had earlier assumed that all of the content available from EmuMovies was available on all three distribution methods (FTP, Site, Sync), but I have found this not to be the case.  There are some things that are only available on select methods, including some that can only be downloaded through sync.  Examples of this are the Nintendo Famicom 2D Carts, and Super NES 2D Box-Backs.

So in order to get everything, I get as much as I can find on the FTP, then get a few things on the site, and use sync for the remaining items.

Hope this will be helpful to someone in the future!

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Unfortunately there is little to no good quality artwork for Famicom on the internet. This is an issue we ran into at Hyperspin when wanting to do a complete box set. Good pics of carts are even more rare. Same goes for Super Famicom too. 

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