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Hi to all.....


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I'm also new... Downlading GBA Videsnaps currently! Thanks for this fantastic content for free!

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I'm also new, just got LaunchBox Premium and I'm loving the fact that images are free to download!

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Bumping this old thread because it seemed better than making a new one....

Indeed, Hi to all

I'm new, kind of....

Actually i have been member for years and i just revived my old login because buying an Android  TV reignited my passion for a presentable install of my vast rom-collections

In the past i've dabbled with Hyperspin and at a point i made a GameEx driven Custom Arcade Cabinet which is already long gone by now

Currently i'm setting up Kodi on my PC and Android TV on which i am using Rom Collection Browser addon to access my games

I still have a lot of my old files but figured it couldn't hurt to see here if eventually i can add some of the many things that have been added over time

See you guys around!

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