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Has anyone here tried the Bliss-Box 4-Play controller adapter?


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If you haven't tried one you should. If you like using original controllers with your emulators, you need this adapter. It works on pc, android, pi, OSX, Linux and PS3. It is plug and play and it is awesome!! It supports basically all major systems controllers ever released. Not all cables are currently available, but you can make your own or the are fundraising to make official cables for the remaining systems. I don't work for the company, but I LOVE this product and just wanted to let you guys now about it in case you hadn't heard of it!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and i'll do my best to answer them. Also let me know if you have one. I am interested to see if others are using this product as well.


Here's a link to get more info!

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I purchased one in November 2016 & including shipping to New Zealand it cost me around $210 NZD ($150 USD). Definitely a luxury purchase though it's taken the hassle of messing around with controller drivers etc. I have original controllers for all of the Nintendo consoles which is great for the authentic/nostalgic experience as some of the usb third party controllers don't have the same feel & often don't last as long (it even works with my Hori Mini Pad).

Multiple controllers works well though I've yet to try it on a RetroPi or Android.

The only issue I've had is when I first updated the firmware on the Bliss-Box, it's a bit weird because you need to update each usb port (4 in total) one by one whilst holding down the reset button. Eventually I figured it out & I also used a custom flasher (http://atarigalore.wixsite.com/4play) to rename name each of the ports in order from 1 to 4.

Overall it's a worthy purchase - I'm primarily using it with Dolphin & RetroArch.

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On 2/3/2017 at 9:42 PM, Coleman said:

I wish there was a wireless option, and it is a bit pricey. .... does it work with atari paddles?

It does work with Atari Paddles. It works with damn near everything. It seems pricey when comparing the cost to that of the sort of crappy standalone adapters you see online but there's a few factors that make it incredibly worthwhile:

- Bliss-Box works hard to support every single controller in existence and the firmware's being constantly worked on to keep pushing compatibility further. Most standalone adapters barely work with the generic, official OEM controllers.

- The build quality of Bliss-Box is far superior to anything you'll find with cheap knockoff adapters.

- Instead of having to deal with a cluttered mess of standalone adapters for multiple controllers, you just have the single adapter unit and your patch cables. I keep mine in a lil storage box I got from Canadian Tire.

- The way it handles JoyIDs makes keeping controllers configured much more friendly than if you're using standalone adapters

- Customer support is second to none.

- You're basically adapting 30+ system's controllers with one unit.


I wasted hundreds and hundreds of dollars on shitty USB controllers and craptastic knockoff adapters before I found Bliss-Box. I can't convey with words alone how great of a product it is but it's honest to god worth every penny and you'd thank yourself for not having to deal with the pain of putting up with the alternatives.


As for wireless, you can use it with a wireless hub or a hub of any kind. I run my PC in an adjacent room and feed extension cables through the wall so I use my Bliss-Box through a powered, wired USB repeater hub and I've never had any issue.

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