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For 3 years, I wrote a section called random game, where I would normally point out a random game I played from my past or even on emulator in recent years on my old site call the 3rd level. While I had fun with it. It was quite draining to do because I covered a lot of systems with great effect. So while we collect these games and add them to our collective setup's, whether its arcade, computer, console, hell even pinball and various other forms of gaming goodness. I will try to bring it home. Yes, I will hopefully include board games and card games also. but I will cover mainly Video games but you may get the oddball other game review.

well without further adieu, lets start off this new home of Random game with this little classic out of 1988

Dizzy 01 - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (1988)(Codemasters)[cr Ikari][t Ikari].png


First off, I played this on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and it showed how good of a game it could be. Designed by the legendary Oliver twins of Code masters heyday back when it was a start up company. The Oliver Twins were a pair of 17 years that created this little game and sold it to Code Masters at the time when bedroom coders were a thing. While the graphic are nothing special, the main draw of this game is the fact each room you enter is a puzzle. The object of the game is to defeat the evil wizard Zak and save Daisy. Each room you need to either need to be carrying an item to stop an enemy or just simply move something. This is one of them games you can play but you really need to know what you are doing. if you knew nothing about this game. you could get very confused to getting the spell ingredients (example is using a bag of gold on a bucket near a shack to raise said bucket then jumping offscreen to get the silver lining). It's interesting because each challenge is very different from the others. As an 11 year old this was a challenge and the amount of lives you could find as well was a good thing because you needed them. I played this a few years ago and it held up surprisingly well considering the games we have. While following Dizzy games had more inventory spaces the first game presented you with the unique challenge of actually timing what you needed for that moment as dropping it could actually destroy the item if it had multiple use (bird seed, Raincoat, Insecticide and the miner hard hat).

The first screen you see of the game normally sets the tone of the whole game, Lets see if it works here!


first screem.gif  Screenshot taken from the Amstrad 464

The first screen reveals nothing, just a cauldron, a well and a tree with a spider dangling. To me, it revealed nothing except your character was an egg with red gloves and boots and smiles a lot. The main character is cute but the hazards are no joke at all. Virtually everything is trying to kill you hence the lives in plentiful supply. While there are youtube video with the whole game to completion (in the case of RZX archive it took them 43:14). Playing this now without the solution, This game would provide a challenge, as you need to remember what to use and where to use it. Dizzy has appeared on virtually every system But I will never forget my first time. If this isn't in any of you game list on any system I suggest you should at least have a look at it because it won't disappoint. Ok, did you think I didn't play this game guess again.




oh one last thing, the map to this was actually quite large for the time, hence why it took about 43 minutes to complete with the solution. This is JHS signing off for my first emumovies Random Game. Give me a comment positive or negative.



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