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NEC TurboDuo HQ

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I'm slowly working on a NEC TurboDuo HQ snaps set. I'm only doing USA titles (not including non-games), so if anyone wants to make the Japan exclusives, feel free. I recently found out how to edit and output a 60fps video so I'm doing these with gameplay and title screen, and fades, and still output at 60fps. As you may know, most of these TurboDuo titles run at a smooth 60fps, so it's ideal IMO.

They usually have around 30 seconds of gameplay with 6-8 seconds of title screen with a 1 second fade in, 2 second fade between gameplay and title, and 2 second fade out. They are in xvid/mp3 avi format. I think the only thing it would be missing from being an official set would be to normalize the audio.

The editor I'm now using is Vegas Pro 9. After tweaking the settings a bit, I can now export the videos in 60fps, but it does not like xvid/mp3, so I need to export to xvid/pcm first, and then run it through virtualdub and compress the audio to mp3, while keeping the video in "direct stream copy" mode. It's not as easy as working with Corel VideoStudio, so each video takes quite a bit longer to do on Vegas Pro, but I prefer to keep a 60fps video. Those shmups look awesome. :dash2:

EDIT: BTW, I also previously made a TurboGrafx 16 USA HQ set, but I encoded the gameplay and titles separately to xvid/mp3, so it's not ideal to now "edit" them and export again. I'll have to remake those (argh!) if I ever plan on submitting them edited.

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You may want to toy with the tool chain I have @ EM WorkFlow, as it automates a fair amount of stuff...main lacking point is creation of FLV files...which it can...but I have it disabled currently as I want\need better bitrate control.

The resulting video will be different than what you are currently doing...as the avisynth scripts created do dissolves from GamePlay>Title>GamePlay...which is all automated, for a seamless looping video.

However the AviSynth Script generation will need to be altered if you wish to keep 60fps as right now the scripts force 30fps...as I was looking to keep video size down, but maintain best possible image quality...with in reason.

Now if you do edit the source so that the AviSynth scripts allow 60fps...you can also edit the source for the processing...to allow FLV creation...and the FLV's created with this do allow for 60fps rather than limit one to 30fps like in Adobe Media Encoder or On2 Flex...or others.

Anyways the tools will encode:

AVI - Xvid & MP3

FLV - VP6 & MP3 (disabled)

MP4 - H264 & AAC

All of which in SQ & HQ with volume gain applied...all in one go.

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