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Video Discussion: Emulating the Super Game Boy - LaunchBox Tutorials


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Name: Emulating the Super Game Boy - LaunchBox Tutorials
Category: Front-End Tutorials
Date Added: 2016-09-01
Submitter: SentaiBrad

Today's tutorial is all about that awesome Super Game Boy. It was essentially, a Game Boy inside of a Super Nintendo cartridge, that played Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. I show you how to get the custom platform up and running, the special command line parameter that you need to set in order for it to work, and a few extra SGB things.

While GBC games don't get quite the benefit from being inserted (and some don't work at all), both the Game Boy and Color variants get some awesome benefits from utilizing this method. Game Boy games can receive a basic palette swap that you can change, specifically designed enhanced colors, additions to the music, the music being completely different, custom borders (some of which can be applied to every single game, while some games have special borders), and probably most interesting is 2 player games being available in 2 player mode from the SNES instead of requiring 2 Game Boys, 2 Games and a Link Cable.

Super Game Boy Game List:

LaunchBox:           https://www.launchbox-app.com/
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Brad's Channel:    https://www.youtube.com/SentaiBrad

Emulating the Super Game Boy - LaunchBox Tutorials
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