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Emumovies Download Service Utility downloaded "Pirates! Gold" art for my games.


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Now, before you call me a thief, please read.

I have a laptop that I built an arcade cabinet case for. I have a frontend setup to multiple emulators, and I'm trying to get my PC games on it. I LEGALLY OWN every game I have on the laptop, but the problem is, most of my PC game library is on steam. I want to keep Steam off of this laptop, and I don't want the Steam window to pop up every time I load one of my games,  and thus I turn to other methods of getting games I have already paid for. I'm sure the subject in particular is against the forum rules, so I won't dwell on it much longer.

Is there any easy method I can use to get the correct artwork for all of my games, without resorting to installing Steam? And if I really have to install Steam, is there any way to turn off the dialog boxes that pop up every time it's opening up a game?

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