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EmuMovies CRC-32 Renamer


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EmuMovies CRC-32 Renamer

This is an application supports name conversion from\to CRC-32 Value or Long Name.

Now it will read & convert based off of ClrMamePro , RomCenter and OffLineList DAT \ XML files. OffLineList renames strictly to CRC-32 at which point you can use a ClrMamePro or RomCenter DAT to rename to Long Name.

Now this does support renaming multiple asset folders at once...and it doesn't care what file extension an asset has...if its primary name matches up...it gets renamed.

DAT's & XML's must be unarchived to be read by the app.

Be sure for now that you ARE USING DUPLICATES of your files!!

Now if you have a collection of files that looks like this:

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Manual\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Roms\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Snaps\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Titles\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Videos\

You would set the Source to:

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\

If you so like you can use the same folder for the Target path as it will prefix CRC_ to the folder names, like so:

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Manual\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Roms\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Snaps\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Titles\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Videos\

Anyways lets try to do a dry run though this.

First off make sure you are using a DAT that matches your currently named sets, if at all possible.

Set your Source & Target Paths, then in settings select:

Name CRC-32

File Move

Missing Log

Then Click "Start" at this point a lot of the GUI will be disabled...now depending on the shear number of folders & files involved this maybe quick or fairly slow...but once the process is complete you'll receive a dialog telling you as much.

Now check your original folders sizes...or simply look inside them...ideally they should be empty...if not please create a new folder called "New Folder" :P and cut and paste all the folders that still have something in them into that folder. You can delete or leave the empty ones present...doesn't really matter as they will be recreated here shortly.

Now if you look in the CRC_* folders you may see a "_Missing.txt" this contains the Long Names & CRC-32 Names of assets you are missing per folder.

Anyways lets see about putting things back together for use with a FE.

Grab the latest DAT file for your rom set & unarchive it and load it into the application. Now depending on if you used the same folder for Source & Target you may just leave them alone...or you didn't use the same...you'll now have to reverse the paths.

In the Settings area select the following:

Name Long

File Move

Missing Log

Click Start...wait for the dialog...check your CRC_* folders...they should be empty except for the _Missing.txt if one was created at all. Now in your new non CRC_* folders if you look in there...you should see everything looking all pretty...and a new _Missing.txt which should have the same matching contents as the one that was in the same named CRC_* folder.

Now delete your CRC_* folders.

Now if you have the room...instead of moving files out of the CRC_* folders...you may want to opt for copy...that way in the future you can skip out on some hassle...plus not having to worry about keeping a soon to be old DAT.


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