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This is only a beta of what will be the final version ...

It is written in Visual Basic 2010, using WPF

In the section on "Wheel" is 99.9% complete and functional, just missing the Language selector

In the second section called "3D" is in development, can be used but not

have the option to save, at least in this beta, if we take a percentage, this is

is 60% complete ...

That has not been completed yet?

I tell you, visual basic, is a basic programming, by this point, I have

many limitations to the programming, besides not having some errors

more complex tasks, without forgetting that a 3D object is not quite right, without

using "shaders" and other effects, such as "bump map" cuvemaps, among others,

Also carry out the designs in 3D boxes and cartridges, etc ... is no easy task

less when first learning to use 3D design software ...


I will be a time away from my project, but everything is for the sake of it ...

I am currently learning 3dsMax and SketchUp (3D design to manufacture), and bought

the book: "The Bible of C#" which I'm reading. Learning is something that is needed

much time, patience and effort, not to mention the perseverance ... And when I feel

thoroughly familiar with this language, try to learn about XNA in order to

effects using Shader ... and to represent 3D designs with more definition, and

transfer all Visual Basic code to C # ...

If you find a solution to this, which is faster, I assure you I will tell ... by

now I can only learn ....

A distance hug to my good friend Koolbrez67, thanks to the work of

graph and its motivation, has completed the first chapter of this program ...


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