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Noob - How to I find a specific video?


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So, yeah, that's pretty straightforward.

I'm looking specifically for Knights of Valour - the Seven Spirits.  It doesn't come with the videos that get downloaded through Hypersync.  So I tried a search, but came up with nothing - yet I know that the first Knights of Valour is available on this site.  Then I tried a search for Donkey Kong, and came up with nothing, so now I know the search is useless.

So if I wanted to find all videos available for a specific game, I'd have to download and open up much larger packs of videos?  That's the only way?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!





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If its just the one game, can you not create the snap yourself? Sorry, I haven't used the sync software yet, but I'm guessing if you use it, it'll find all the missing video snaps available to download that you're missing.

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