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  1. As most others have said I have a few arcade cabinets for nostalgic purposes. Emulators are great, but to use then in a cabinet with an original crt monitor is perfect.
  2. From the home page click Donate then Donate Options. takes you here: http://emumovies.com/store/category/3-donation-options/
  3. Double Dragon! The controls made my blood boil! Grrrr.
  4. Looks like you've been in this game for years Circo. Whats your frontend of choice? I've been using hyperspin, but possibly I was naive to emulation/frontend world - Saw hyperspin and ran with it without seeing what else was around.
  5. Whats the frontend you use on the Pi? Is it RetroPie?
  6. Would these videos download through the sync client and replace current ones? Or is it just games snaps that get downloaded Circo?
  7. What a fantastic monitor. Perfect for displaying CRT shaders better on 4:3 games.
  8. Fantastic idea. I need to do this! So many project ideas and not enough time! Grrrr!
  9. I'm beginning to see why his avatar is Chuck Norris!
  10. I know you posted a while, so I hope you got things sorted. I always use the original .dat/.xml files from no-intro.org or hyperspins website as the definitive list of how things should be named. As for the sync tools renaming things appropriately, I cant advise as I've yet to use them. I was doing things manually for a long time.
  11. If its just the one game, can you not create the snap yourself? Sorry, I haven't used the sync software yet, but I'm guessing if you use it, it'll find all the missing video snaps available to download that you're missing.
  12. Just about to finish my PS1 setup, so voted for PS2 because thats next on my list.
  13. Lottes crt shaders are great. Very authentic
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