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Where do I stick my video snaps...?? :-)


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Tempted as you are to answer this question with the first thing that comes into your head I hope you can help me.

I've just started using hyperspin and I'm setting up a system with Mame, Daphne, Spectrum etc.

I've got Daphne working fully and I'm trying to get the ZX Spectrum set up.

I've downloaded some .avi video snaps but not sure where they go?

I've also downloaded an .mp4 that I would like to use on the main menu to show an overview of the system - does anyone know what path that goes under?

And... while I've got the attention of someone who knows what they're talking about... my last question is, where do I get the nice graphic for ZX Spectrum on the wheel and what path does that go in? (My MAME and Daphne are already on my default Hyperspin but the speccy isn't).

A big thanks for any help you can give me on all or some of these questions.... :-)

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Call me crazy, this sounds like a good question for the hyperspin forums. You may not find anyone willing to answer you here. I bet they even have tutorials telling you where to put it.

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thanks for the answer. I feel like an idiot. I only realised today that Hyperspin and Emu weren't linked. I'd come through to this site from a link on hyperspin. 

Sorry for the cock up and feel free to delete this topic. I'll put it in the hyperspin forum as you suggest. 

Thanks again :-)

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No need to be sorry or feel like a idiot, we all have moments exactly like this :shy:

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