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Issue scraping games




I just joined the site and it looks awesome with tonnes of potential for what I am trying to set up.  Before I donated I wanted to find out if anyone could help me with a downloading issue I am seeing.  When I try to download art, the sync tool seems to download everything minus 1 game.  If I then add another rom to my directory and scan again I will get the art for either the new or the missed rom, but not both.  When i take a look in the missing or have text documents it keeps duplicating game names and doesn't always add the names of other games.  If you look at the attached image you can see that the have notepad only lists 2 games (4 times each) while the missing file is empty.  I have the ActRaiser rom in my rom folder, but there is no box art.  I would expect that if my rom is incorrectly named due to the "1" then the missing file would have something.  I have done this with different rom setsInconsistent Downloads.jpg through multiple attempts and keep seeing the same behaviour (though I only screen captured this run).

Please let me know if there is something I am doing wrong.

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I'm not sure what type of frontend you plan on using but I think by now most the popular ones have the scraping to here built in to the program.  You may want to try Launchbox it's free with option for premium or hyperspin always looks really nice especially when you have a membership to this site.


Sorry if i'm not much help, hopefully somebody else can help you better to your question.

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