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  1. Gamepad works great with the bigbox feature, but it is a pay to play feature.
  2. Nice looking machine you got there. Screen looks kind of small to be playing light gun games on, does it still work out fairly well for them?
  3. Oh my goodness!! Way to awesome I am pumped for those to drop in price now! I seen a link to a 3d nes emulator somewhere, starting to think it was being made for these. Completely awesome sauce
  4. If you're to lazy to read the info he linked, it boils down to needing to donate to the site to become a supporting member.
  5. I'm jealous. I also didn't realize you could use it for dolphin. Can it be used for just about anything? Or did dolphin program it in?
  6. Still sounds like plenty of fun. I'm just a dreamer when it comes to making a cab at this point. Make sure to post some pics and possibly kick some ideas around here. Do you plan on re-purposing an old pc or going with new pc parts to kick the build off?
  7. I was curious if anybody knew of a program that would check through the rom collections and tell you what you're missing and possibly verify that it's a good dump? Is there also a program that can do that with an iso as well?
  8. Good stuff, your finished result looks beautiful and made me want to go play! Are you or a group of people by chance working on full sets of those somewhere?
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum. Any idea what you're planning to build for your setup? 2player 4player, tracball, maybe even add 2 guns for all out fun?
  10. Did you just get around to upgrading??
  11. You are awesome Circo! Thanks for all the work you do on this website. Are you the founder of this all?
  12. Launchbox practically sets its self up for you. That Hyperspin is video game porn material though!
  13. I do believe to use the hypersync feature you also have to be a member to Hyperspin. I would think you could download the videos you're looking for by using the emumovies download utility. I use Launchbox for the most part so I haven't messed around to much with either of those. Good Luck hope i've helped!
  14. So is Gdi usually the preferred format for emulators than? Should one grab cdi copies as well just incase they run better in certain instances? Lastly do you know if there is gdi dumps out there of the majority of US realeases?
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