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Question about naming conventions with Video Snaps


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Hi everyone,


I posted a similar question yesterday but I think it is in the wrong section so maybe I will get a response here.


I recently downloaded all the NES, SNES, and GENESIS videos and noticed a slight issue I am trying to see how to fix.


For some videos, there is a naming convention difference between my rom, my wheel art, and the video itself. One may have a (unl) in the title and because the others don't, the video may not show up. I think the problem is that I have ALL of the roms, but I am using "wheel only" in hyperspin and my wheel art may specifically show the (US) version instead of the (unl) version. Because both roms exist, this causes the download utility to download maybe the (unl) version because thats the only video snap there is, but it doesnt show up because of the difference in names.


Is there any way to fix this issue without having to sort through thousands of videos figuring out where the naming error is and fixing it manually?




I realize they make batch renamers and I have used some, but for this it seems a little specific for one of those programs to handle.

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I know you posted a while, so I hope you got things sorted. I always use the original .dat/.xml files from no-intro.org or hyperspins website as the definitive list of how things should be named. As for the sync tools renaming things appropriately, I cant advise as I've yet to use them. I was doing things manually for a long time.

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