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GBA video conversion


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I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been converting the GBA vid set from .avi to .flv so they can work with Hyperspin. I have also renamed the files so they match with the HyperList GBA list. As of now I have A-L converted and uploaded to the FTP.

You can find them at:

/User Submitted - Videos/GBA FLV - Hyperspin

This set is not 100% complete because I have omitted a few titles that I have absolutely no interest in at all. For example, Lizzie Miguire, Dogz, Horsez, Etc. If I have time in the future I will convert the missing titles and upload them.

Also, somewhere on the FTP, someone uploaded the missing .avi titles in .flv format. I have included these in this new set. I forgot who initially uploaded them and I apologize for not asking permission to up them again prior. All the same, Thanks those missing titles helped out alot.


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Good job man :) I believe you are reffering to my .FLV videos, if so then don't worry, no need to ask permission to use my material if it benefits the community :thumbsup:

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