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  • Commodore MAX Machine Videos & Artwork Released (v1.0)


    Today we have a bit of media for a new system, the Commodore MAX Machine.  This is a small set that should give you countless minutes of enjoyment.  Included are 16 video snaps, EM Default platform video, gameplay and title screen snapshots.  This set was actually requested awhile back and we hope some of you find some holiday enjoyment with this.  

    High Quality Video Snap Sample


    EM Default Platform Video


    Videos Added / Replaced - 16 @DamnedRegistrations, @Circo

    • Avenger (USA, Europe)
    • Bowling (Japan)
    • Clowns (Japan)
    • Jupiter Lander (World)
    • Kickman (World)
    • Le Mans (USA, Europe)
    • Mole Attack (Japan)
    • Money Wars (Japan)
    • Omega Race (Japan)
    • Pinball Spectacular (World)
    • Radar Rat Race (Japan)
    • Road Race (Japan)
    • Sea Wolf (USA, Europe)
    • Speed Math and Bingo Math (USA, Europe)
    • Super Alien (Japan)
    • Wizard of Wor (Japan)


    Grab the new video snaps immediately via:

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