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Casual supporter option?


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Hi Guys,


[Caveat - I've had a bit of a quick search, but couldn't tell if this is something you've already looked at so I'm going to raise the discussion]



I've used EmuMovies on-and-off (mostly off) for around 5 years, and I just wanted to know if there was some sort of supporter donation option for the casual user. My usage scenario is that I have an arcade machine project which I very occasionally have time to work on. Every so often I may collect games for a new system and add this in, but overall the project is pretty damn mature and everything 'just works'.


For this reason (and being a single wage earner with 4 kids who like playing old games) I really have no incentive to throw cash at emumovies. Most of my wage goes on other projects, like reducing my personal debt.


What I would like to see though is a 'casual supporter' option, i.e. a low cost, shit tier supporter level that I can purchase on that one day in the year where I'm actually working on my collection. I'm imagining this as a one off $5 donation for 1 day access to the same stuff I already have access to (i.e. 240p video), but without the hassle of a 15 second wait before each and every file. If I could FTP that stuff then even better.



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I think this idea of a  payable 1 day access is not so bad.

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