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Subscription (FTP) Questions


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Hello, I am a long time user of GameEx, I have used some of the art packs from this site for my frontend in the past. I have considered getting a subscription to get access to the FTP before as well, as it seems like there is a lot of content on the FTP that's not available through the emumovies.com downloads section (work in progress, user submissions, etc).  I did just notice though that Hyperspin also has an FTP, and some of the artwork content on their website seems more up to date and complete than sets on EmuMovies.com.


So my my first question is.... is there a significant amount of content (videos/snaps/titles/carts/boxes/manuals) available on the EmuMovies FTP that you cannot aquire on EmuMovies.com through the downloads section? I know there are daily data limits for non-subscribers, but I can deal with that if the content is more or less the same.


Second question is... how does the content on the Hyperspin FTP compare? Does it have more complete sets? Does it also have cart/manual scans? Does it also have user submitted content, and if so is it a lot more/less than EmuMovies FTP?


I am just about ready to take the plunge, but want to make an informed decision. Thanks!

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Short answer: Yes, the EmuMovies FTP has content that's not hosted on the main site. It's also updated more frequently than our basic member downloads section and offers higher quality content (480p videos, etc).


As for the HyperSpin FTP, it's tailored for HS. You won't find video snaps, manual scans etc on the HS FTP.

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