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Blissbox 4-play - USB Multi Controller Converter


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The creator of the Blissbox asked on FB if anyone can post his new Kickstarter, that's why I do it. I hope it is allowed and in the right category.

I am sure every Frontend User would love his new Adapter!

Here is a link to the Kickstarter Page:


The 4-Play is a universal console-to-USB controller adapter with 4 ports allowing up to 4 players to play at the same time with almost any controller of their choosing (see compatibility List). It uses low cost adapter cables which allow a variety of console controllers to plug into the 4-Play's universal HDMI style controller port. This allows the 4-Play to support a wide variety of controllers on each port.


If you wish to know more follow this link.


Here is a front end communicating with the 4-play.

Make it happen, you all NEED the Mega set so badly!

Pledge $125 or more

Mega set


1:4-play box

4:usb Cable

4:n64 Cables

4:wii Cables

4:Gamecube Cables

4:NES Cables

4:Virtual Boy Cable

4:Super Nintendo Cables

4:Sega Cables

4:PC-FX Cables

4:TG16 Large Cables

4:TG16 Mini Cables


4:Dream Cast

4:Play Station(1,2) Cables

4:Jaguar Cables

4:Neo-Geo Cables

4:Vectrex Cables

4:Pippin Cables

Wanted to let the users know about this new KS that gives you a usb interface for many older controllers. A full list of known working controller here.


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