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Hi guys! I've been a Gold Member at Hyperspin Forums for a while now and made the next logical step today. I got Platinum member and used the 25 % reduction code to become supporting "lifetime" member here as well. I've started cleaning out my existing video files and replace them with the ones from the ftp. They look very clean, I like them -- thanks!


I'm missing a couple though. I'm listing the first batch of videos I'm missing here, I'm using the 480p MP4 movies from the "Official/Video Snaps [MP4][480p]/Console Collections" directory on the ftp.



Atari Jaguar


- Power Drive Rally -- exists on the FTP but is just a video stating that the game doesn't work. But the game works for me.



NEC PC Engine


- Liquid Kids (Japan)



NEC PC Engine CD


- Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams



Nintendo SNES


- Chaos Engine (Europe)

- Marchen Adventure Cotton 100 %



Panasonic 3DO


- CPU Bach (US)



Philips CD-i


Couldn't find any CD-i videos on the FTP. The ones I am using are:


- Dark Castle (Europe, USA)

- Defender of the Crown (Europe, USA)

- Hotel Mario (USA)

- Lemmings (Europe)

- Links - The Faces of Evil (Europe)

- Myst (Europe)

- Mystic Midway - Phantom Express (USA)

- Tangram (Europe)

- Tetris (Europe, USA)

- Zelda - Wand of Gamelon (USA)



SEGA Genesis


- 2048 (Homebrew)

- Batman and Robin (USA)

- Gynoug (Europe)



SEGA Saturn


- Cotton 2

- Layer Section 1 (Ray Force)



SNK Neo Geo (not CD, the Cartridge one)


Couldn't find any Neo Geo videos on the FTP. The ones I am using are:


- androdun (Andro Dunos)

- blazstar (Blazing Star)

- gpilots (Ghost Pilots)

- gururin (Gururin)

- kizuna (Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle)

- lresort (Last Resort)

- magdrop3 (Magical Drop 3)

- maglord (Magician Lord)

- mslug (Metal Slug 1)

- mslug2 (Metal Slug 2)

- mslug3 (Metal Slug 3)

- mslug4 (Metal Slug 4)

- mslug5 (Metal Slug 5)

- neobombe (Neo Bomberman)

- neodrift (Neo Driftout: New Technology)

- neomrdo (Neo Mr. Do)

- pulstar (Pulstar)

- s1945p (Strikers 1945 Plus)

- sonicwi2 (Aero Fighters 2)

- sonicwi3 (Aero Fighters 3)

- svc (SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom)

- tophuntr (Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy)

- twinspri (Twinkle Star Sprites)

- viewpoin (Viewpoint)


Sony Playstation 1


- Internal Section (Japan)

- Mr. Driller G (Japan)

- Night Raid (Japan)

- Pandemonium 1 -- is on the ftp but the quality is off. It "stutters" in a strange way.

- Raiden DX (Japan)

- Project X2 (USA)



Sony Playstation 2


- Dog's Life (USA)

- Giga Wing 3 (Japan)

- Legend of Spyro 2 (USA)

- Little Britain (Europe)

- Mister Mosquito (USA)

- Rayman 3 (Europe)

- Secret Agent Clank (USA)

- Spyro 5 (USA)


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