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Racing Game Videos


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There's a common theme with the racing game videos from most systems (although I tend to get PS1/PS2 videos mostly) in that the person who made the video cannot play the games. I appreciate the effort they've gone to to make a video for the game, but some basic understanding of driving/racing would be a help.


Most feature a car not braking for the corners and ploughing into a wall/other cars, crashing into a wall and taking 15 seconds to reverse and get going again, or losing control and spinning around.


If you're recording yourself playing this game, then surely that means either you've uploaded the worst part of your driving on purpose, or you uploaded the best part of your driving, which is altogether more frightening.


Overall I'm not asking for perfect racing in these videos, but maybe a little more racing and a little less crashing/recovery?



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When your plowing through doing 750+ video snaps, or in the case of PS1, over 1000, you tend to get a little lazy or burnt out tbh. Although I can see your point, the main goal of the video snap is to provide the user with some gameplay footage and to show someone what the game is like to play before actually playing it, gameplay skill isnt exactly a priority here and you are more than welcome to read our guide to making video snaps and redo them yourself :P


If you wish, you can always request the videos be re-done in the request thread.

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I understand, I can see how you'd get burnt out doing so many. I'll look into redoing some.

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