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my video recordings tell me what you think


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Honestly? Those are pretty bad and unusable, sorry. Critical Blow is very blurry looking, the other is stretched and choppy. I actually did the Thrill Kill vid we have now not too long ago, check on FTP if you need it or use the DSU program here.


I'll just post the bullet points of what I found wrong with your vids.


1. PS1 vids should always be 640x480, it's a 4:3 system and aspect ratio should always be kept intact


2. Only use Mednafen or RetroArch with Mednafen libretro to record PS1 games. Avoid using epsxe, pcsxr and other inaccurate emulators


3. Let Circo do the finalizing to mp4 part. Please follow the guidelines but replace TSCC codec with x264 VFW set to lossless:




4. Record with FRAPS or a similar program that will output raw avi so you get pixel sharp quality, no blur or filtering either for that matter


5. Always record at 60fps, not 30


6. No need to record vids for stuff we already have unless they need to be redone


7. Both your file names are messed up and should be following the no-intro titles precisely:


Thrill Kill (USA)

Critical Blow (Japan)

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ok i have a new update this time a proper video recording and my first game of choice is 


DJ Boy (Sega) (J)



it may be alil short but its only a sample if circo accepts i will do a better one for it



it will also be on emumovies ftp


there are 2 samples on the ftp 



DJ Boy (Sega) (J).mp4

dj boy 2 j sample.mp4

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DR's post above basically says it all! YouTube samples are useless to me as YouTube re-encodes everything to their standard, not ours. If your following the video tutorial or doing what DR suggested above, then you should be good to go. Place some content in your FTP folder, and I'm sure Circo will take a look at it. Please don't redo stuff we have already done unless absolutely certain it needs a redo.

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well the thing is he has a dj boy japan vid but its the wrong one he put it as usa version instead 

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i can tell im close i just need to know how you guys add your fades in its diffrent to mine 



and i use action recorder which is better then fraps as it says on the net 

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Circo will add in transitions when he encodes a master .mp4 to merge title and gameplay segments.

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