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Questions about emumovies videos


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Normally 640x480.

Old sets are at 30fps new captures are made at 60fps.

Varies from emulator to emulator of course, but heavy filter effects are NOT allowed. Usually we use no filters at all.


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I do my own video captures, but I'd like to share my settings with you so you can decide if you want to adopt the same technique.


For MAME games, try running them with syncrefresh on, throttling off, vsync on, and triple buffering on.


The problem with the current captures is that most games in MAME don't run at 60hz. They run at 59.8hz or whatever. If a game has a lot of scrolling or flickering effects, they're totally irregular and glitchy looking when you capture them at 30fps or 60fps.


Look at the shadows in the Last Blade video here:



See how irregular the flickering is? It'd be perfectly consistent and regular if you used syncrefresh.


If a game is below 58hz, you'll probably notice that the pitch of the sound gets slightly higher when you use syncrefresh, because you're starting to run the games way faster than they did originally, but for the games that run from 58hz-61hz, this method is simply better for videos.


Here's an example of a 60fps video I did using these settings. Notice how the flickering of the shadows is perfect.


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