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Supervision + Main menu videos + Wonderswan + Atari


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I'd like to announce 4 things:

1. I have just made new Watara Supervision videos (The old ones lacked sound). I recorded with MESs built in AVI recorder and am uploading both AVI and FLV videos to my WIP folder on the FTP. A drawback though; I couldn't get the MESS Avi recorder to record more that 160x160 size, although I tried playing the games on higher resolutions :/

2. I have been working a lot on main menu videos (videos to be showed when choosing a console showing a mashup of the best games for the console) in the past few days. I'm uploading those to my WIP folders aswell; AVI and FLV. I made videos for a lot for consoles which didn't have any yet and also redid a lot of videos that Circo already had done but which perhapd missed games I wanted to see in them / weren't loud enough and so on.

3. This dude (Kevin04) is working on Wonderswan videos, both mono and color. So expect those up soon :D All cred goes to him ofc, I'll just be uploading them to the FTP for him since he hasn't donated to emumovies.

4. Another friend of mine (Linkbird) is working on a complete atari 2600 games list and copyman (yet another person) is working on half the videos already. If he doesn't decide to do the second half too I'll do it. Anyway, the point is you should expect a complete atari 200 videoset within a few weeks :)

Have a nice day

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