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PSP Video Snaps


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I've started doing some captures for the handful of PSP games I currently have up and running on my HTPC. I've uploaded 3 sample .mp4 videos and they can be found in my folder on the FTP. I decided to go with a wide screen format on these (852x480) at 59/FPS. The audio has been "normalized" as well. I have some more videos on the way...


Not sure if anyone here has started working on stuff for PSP, but it would be nice to finally have some real content available  for this handheld. If anyone here wants to help out with capturing and getting more videos up, please let me know what games you are going to capture by posting here, provided that the current format I'm using is ok with Circo and the rest of the EmuMovies staff.


I've tried capturing the Grand Theft Auto titles but with no luck... the games stutter big time on my system, but other games like God of War run fine?? Could be something in the emulator settings, I'm not sure...

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