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Authentic Arcade Machines


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Has anyone here been driven to start collecting authentic arcade machines due to MAME like I have?   If so,  post your current line up...




Omega Race

Star Castle

Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back


Black Widow/Gravitar

Space Duel



Toobin' (Prototype cabinet)

Multi-Pac (Pac Man/Ms. Pac Man/Pac Man Plus)

Neo-Geo 4-slot

Rush The Rock (2 of them)

Cart Fury


Outrun 2

Rush 2049

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (NAOMI Netbooting)

Area 51/Maximum Force / Area 51: Site 4 / Atomiswave system w/Ranger Mission & Sports Shooting

Race Drivin'

Golden Tee Complete / Silver Strike Bowling 2007


I also have these cabinets which use authentic arcade hardware but emulation boards:


Williams Multigame (JROC PCB)

Multipede (ArcadeSD PCB)

Multi-Kong (Arcadeshop PCB)


I also have two MAME Cabinets:


Horizontal 25" MAME

Vertical MAME cocktail (runs MAME, WinCab Jukebox software & NAOMI Netboot code for pushing content to NAOMI)


Finally,  also coin-op related,  I have a Seeburg "Disco" Jukebox (1979) and an Arachnid Super Six dart board.

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Nope. Don't see that point in taking up that much physical space when you can just build an awesome hyperspin cab and have everything in one place.

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yea how could you possibly have room for all those

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I'd like to see pics! If for no other reason than to see how much space they take up. You must have a monster house dude!

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Maybe if you rent a space for all them you can open it as an arcade. I see this being a man-cave / game room situation though.

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