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Live video help suggestion.


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After hearing about the movie night and the ability to watch a movie on someone's computer and chat about it, it gave me this idea. I was wondering what you all thought about it. Since you can broad cast through that chat room, what about maybe once a week or so we can do a live help the newbie session. Meaning that one person who is in need of help setting there stuff up could broadcast their desktop while other members help them out with the set up. And then other newbies that are watching can learn from watching someone else set up their computer. I know that would help a lot of people out especially me. I spent a long time searching all over the internet and forums looking for a good tutorial that I can understand and follow on how to use clrmamepro. I finally figured it out but had I had some live help guiding me through the process and me being able to ask questions along the way rather than posting my questions in forums and waiting for a helpful answer, it would have saved me a lot of time. I wouldn't mind showing off what I know (which isn't much right now) to help others out. So what do you think?

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