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Nintendo Switch Games Video Snap Pack 01

I used to make MS-DOS video snap back in 2015, and now I am back to making video snaps, starting with Nintendo Switch since I like the platform and the video snaps submitted, even Official ones are sort of a mixed bags. Most of them are either game trailer or having inconsistent video length. Not to mention the subpar edits that sometimes doesn't reflect the interesting part of the game. E.g. character dialog, meaningless wandering in town. In short, I simply don't like it. I prefer actual game play footage since the trailer could be a hit or miss, some only showing FMV. Not to mention the annoying few seconds ESRB/PEGI rating that announced the start of the trailer that really game browsing experience continuity when using frontend like BigBox.

Most videos are 40s in duration, in which most of them consist of 35s of gameplay + 5s of title screen. A few of them are 30s gameplay + 10s of title screen if I couldn't find a suitble cutoff point to fit that 35s gameplay duration. An alternate version of 40s length is included if I find the snap interesting such as having different battle music. I also included a couple of long version video snap that are 1 minute in length if I find the gameplay interesting. But the long version is always accompanied with the regular 40s version.

I am OCD when it comes to content creating. I meticulously and manually pick all scenes in hope that those capture the hightlight and essence of the game. Cuts are also combined with music transition so that the transition from one scene to the next are smooth. I even go as far as picking the interesting part of the title song that is attractive, rather than always the start of the theme song. On average, each video edit took me 20-30 minutes.

All video snaps are edited using Da Vinci Resolve. Few of the video snaps are recorded by myself if I already have the recordings. For the rest, I manually search and download those game footage from YouTube that contains NO Watermark. I only resorted to video having subtle watermark if I couldn't find otherwise, such as several Atelier titles. Loudness are controlled so that True Peak (TP) is < -1.0dB and LUFS is < -14dB.

Enjoy this video snap pack, and leave me a comment or reply to this thread if you find my work interesting or need improvement. Pick your favorite snaps so I know the editing preference that you like.

If you want, feel free to request any Switch title that you find subpar and I will try to best it out! Enjoy!


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