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LEDSpicer, LEDs controller for Linux.

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Hello community, I just found this site, and I’d like to announce myself and a program I wrote a time ago for Linux, that may be useful for users with Linux boxes and LED controllers, it allows you to set up your LED controller, it’s kinda similar in nature to the already existing RGBCommander but focusing on simplicity, low resources, speed, and cool animated effects.

Here is a list of some features it can do:

  • Supports different devices seamlessly and as a single device, this simplifies the configuration process when the user wants to use several devices all together.
  • RGB and single color elements can be used without complications.
  • Elements can be grouped into the layout.
  • Easily can be handled using a command line program to change the LEDs behavior using layouts, groups, or just elements.
  • Plugins and scripts for several frontends.
  • Fully integrated with distros like Batocera, MiSTer, etc.
  • Multiple animations can be set to different groups.
  • Layout, Groups or Elements can be changed based on triggers.
  • Animations and Devices can be extended with plugins.
  • Smooth transitions between layouts can be set.
  • Integrated Hardware Test.
  • Integrated Layout Test.
  • Configuration dump for easy debug.
  • The speed can be changed to increase or decrease the FPS when drawing on the layout.
  • Add several different animations to the same Group to generate even more rich attraction modes.
  • Extremely easy to create animations and layouts using XML (and the UI is almost done).
  • Several Color filters allow the combination of several animations in one, like masking, combine, etc.
  • Multichannel sound output plugin with different modes can map to the sections of the layout.
  • Very optimized, consumes almost no memory and CPU.
  • Runs on every Linux distribution we tested, Raspberry 32 / 64 or PC hardware.
  • Support for MAME output plugin, will report game changes, so elements can be changed based on the game, like credit buttons, player start, etc.
  • Supports for interactive input from the user, allows different effects based on the user input.
  • Can load layouts based on game name, emulator, game controllers, defaults, etc.
  • Supports for the most common hardware on the market like ultimarc, ledwiz, ADAlight and others.

And much more...

Code and WIKI let me know if you have questions 🙂

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