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Gottlieb 2.5D Box Fronts


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Gottlieb 2.5D Box Fronts

8 custom box fronts for Gottlieb Arcade System

Argus (Gottlieb) (1986) [Shooter / Field; ]
Exterminator (Premier Technology) (1989) [Shooter / 3rd Person; ]
Insector (Gottlieb) (1982) [Shooter / Field; ]
Krull (Gottlieb) (1983) [Shooter / Field; ]
Mad Planets (Gottlieb) (1983) [Shooter / Field; ]
Mello Yello Q*bert (Gottlieb) (1982) [Platform / Run Jump; ]
Q*bert (Gottlieb) (1982) [Platform / Run Jump; ]
Reactor (Gottlieb) (1982) [Maze / Shooter Small; ]


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