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For all ATARI 2600 fans, personalized silver covers Volume I


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For all ATARI 2600 fans, personalized silver covers Volume I

Hello everyone, how are you, I'm Leto and I'm here to post for the first time and exclusively my silver ATARI 2600 covers that I customized in photoshop, a professional job was done, valuing the platform that has had such an impact on my life, I'm sure that From now on, with this hard work done for ATARI 2600 fans, everyone will remember their games again.

There are 436 covers for the main ATARI 2600 games, which in my opinion is more than necessary for all fans of the platform.

Note: If anyone is going to use it, don't forget to give the author credits, thank you very much.

A hug to everyone and good fun.

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