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Wii music pack (1150 songs)

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Wii music pack (1150 songs)

Here's my full pack of music for wii games. 🙂


I included a file listing the games included and another file listing the games missing.

I tried to prioritize title screen/main menu music.

For music based games, I used a random song from the song list (for most sports games too)

For some movie based games, I used the soundtrack from the movie.

For some TV show based games, I used the TV show's theme.

All song cut off at 5 minutes.


I made this pack to be good enough for my use in Launchbox. I would welcome people to keep working on it and make it better!

I normalized the volume at 89dB to fit with dablais's packs.

1267 songs / 1638 games


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