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Videos in Maximus Arcade


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Hi there,


I can't seem to get EmuMovies videos running in Maximus Arcade. I downloaded/converted the movies to .avi and entered the correct path into MA. I installed DivX. But Videos just won't show.


Does anyone have a clue for me?




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Make sure you check your DirectX as well to insure it's up to date with the OS your running. On my arcade cabs I use Windows 7 and XP Pro Sp3 (x86). Also, I use the K-Lite Codec pack on both systems and that can be found at:






EDIT: also make sure the name of your videos match the name of the ROM set (or ROMs) your using:


ex: Mega Man X3 (USA).sfc (ROM)

     Mega Man X3 (USA).avi (Video Snap)


You probably knew that already but figured I'd throw that out there to you. If you can't get them working message me or post and I'll try to help you out. I believe the Maximus Arcade site is back up and running now with live chat. So you may want to consult for help there as well.


EDIT:** I totally didn't see your previous post! Glad you got it working. Happy gaming!

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